matthew schiavello

Matthew Schiavello is a Melbourne born abstract photographer. He is also known for his mixed media works and photographic projects.

Matthew's works share a broad theme of aiming to find the beauty in spaces and objects which are unwanted or seen as unsightly.


Matthew’s abstract photographic images aim to bring the viewer’s attention to the beauty which lies hidden in our world, In particular the beauty which exists in the minutiae of forgotten and vandalised transient urban spaces. From overspray, partially layered with an urban ‘tag’ and/or adorned with torn paper, to the ‘everyday’ seen differently,  Matthew captures moments in between change and loss.  By re-presenting the work in a different context, the viewer is presented an opportunity to see the hidden beauty that exists around them. Matthew also hopes the viewer will become more inquisitive of their own environments and find beauty wherever they are.


Matthew’s mixed media works are a process of curious exploration on the theme of finding beauty in what is unvalued or unwanted. Starting with ‘failed’ 35mm film, rather than discard it as unusable, Matthew finds new meaning and purpose for the film. Using items to hand in his studio, such as chemicals, paint, and both sharp and blunt instruments, he purposefully engages with the materials curiously asking the question ‘what if…?’ as he explores the theme of finding beauty.


Matthew's photographic project work, such as 'Brave or beautiful?' his project on body prejudice, aims to give voice to those that are not heard, or to issues that he feels still need to be discussed. By raising the subject and presenting a space for the viewer to self-reflect , Matthew sees a potential for respectful, positive change.


Matthew views his works as a collaboration of sorts - between himself,  the medium/ participant and the viewer.





Self Portrait  (cut up)